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As a team we love learning and it is key to our culture in the business. Every Wednesday a different member of the team holds an inspiration session, dubbed Hot Chocolate or Ice Lolly Wednesdays, where we all come together to focus on something new. These sessions are the perfect way to keep the team updated on all projects, new technologies, brainstorming new features and rewards or just sharing something we found interesting.

Every month we send out a newsletter to all our existing clients, suppliers and contacts with a round up of the month and ideas for the future. If you would like to receive these newsletters just email and she will add your details to the list.


Loyalty Communication Tip 8

Segment your customers by behaviour. Make sure you have a suite of messages ready to send out depending on customer behaviour and engagement
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Loyalty Communication Tip 7

Segment your customers by tier. Customer engagement, earning potential and rewards are likely to be different per tier so personalise their messaging.
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Loyalty Communication Tip 6

Segment your customers by points balance. Not all rewards will be achievable for all customers. Personalise the redemption messaging based on points balances
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Loyalty Communication Tip 5

Keep Information Concise. Make sure all your customers can understand your policies and legal requirements. Don't try to hide them away in the background.  
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Loyalty Communication Tip 4

Don't ignore information your customer has given you. Respect their preferences about communication channel, frequency content
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Loyalty Communication Tip 3

Segment your audience visually so your team can understand the different motivations, aspirations and potential for each customer
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Loyalty Communication Tip 2:

Gather Information. Don't ask for every minute detail at registration. It is time consuming for your customers and will decrease engagement. Instead drip feed questions at key moments. 
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Loyalty Communication Tip 1

Plan your communications properly. Visualise them on a calendar so you know which segment of your audiences are receiving which messages
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Customer Retention – Is it also the solution for Customer Acquisition?

In yet another twist of the new normal - and the very polarised-by-sector business world that we now live in - some companies have just experienced their best summer sales on record as customers return with a vengeance. Other companies, however, continue to struggle and suffer the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus lockdown and a cautious – even fearful - consumer base.One thing is for sure - as we have consistently been saying for years – and that is that every company needs to...
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When it comes to building loyalty with pet owners, manufacturers must take the lead

A lack of knowledge of the end customer is a challenge for any industry where a manufacturer is selling via distributors, large buying practices or, in the case of the pet trade, direct to the veterinary practice. Manufacturers have the tough job of appealing to all the stakeholders; the vets, the clinicians, the practice owners as well as the pet owners, who are now more empowered than ever; they have more knowledge (rightly or wrongly) and they are willing to challenge diagnoses and treatment ...
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