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As a team we love learning and it is key to our culture in the business. Every Wednesday a different member of the team holds an inspiration session, dubbed Hot Chocolate or Ice Lolly Wednesdays, where we all come together to focus on something new. These sessions are the perfect way to keep the team updated on all projects, new technologies, brainstorming new features and rewards or just sharing something we found interesting.

Every month we send out a newsletter to all our existing clients, suppliers and contacts with a round up of the month and ideas for the future. If you would like to receive these newsletters just email and she will add your details to the list.


A New World: Stronger Together

What an extraordinary month March has been – a month ago the buzz and excitement around the Stream office was really quite something else. We had a suite of new impressive marketing material, new ideas to pitch to clients and the team seem to have really stepped it up a notch. In all honesty, we were living slightly naively – the C word was a crisis happening the other side of the world and we were all still going about our daily lives as we normally would. But now in the new world we find...
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Digital is now the new normal

With several countries now in lockdown the digital world is more important than ever.
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Loyalty really can change behaviours

Insights from the Stream team as we rocket into 2020: #loyalty we are seeing some fantastic stats emerge proving that Loyalty really can be #successful at changing behaviours.
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Chatbots: How to Design for Success

We are now working with the Microsoft AI and bot teams so thought we would share some thoughts on Chatbots
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How Customer Trust Impacts Brand Loyalty

In order to tap into the digital consumer world, brands must use a variety of traditional and digital marketing channels to create and anexperiences that build trust and, ultimately, experiences that build trust and, ultimately, brand loyalty.
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Surely the Customer Experience Should be Better?

E-commerce needs to improve and make the experience smoother if consumers are to be kept happy, brand loyalty improved and customer retention rates increased.
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Admiral's Keep Campaign 2020

A great example of a 'Keep' campaign: I absolutely got that warm fuzzy feeling when I opened an email from them this morning to read I would be receiving a £25 refund on my car insurance, and I don't need to do anything! If fact, it's already back on my card. I felt like they actually cared about their customers and, admittedly I go through the annual saga of getting my insurance fee matched year after year, having now been a loyal customer for 10 years, it will definitely ...
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