primaflow f p
  • The Challenge
  • The Solution
  • The Results
  • How to generate engagement with winter products in summer months
  • How to move away from back-to-back campaigns and create a long-term loyalty proposition
  • How to build innovative loyalty from customers in a traditionally fickle sector
  • A loyalty portal to reward consistent engagement with the brand
  • Modules with the ability to flex and run variable promotional modules seasonally
  • An incentive scheme for the salesforce directly linked to customer engagement and loyalty
  • Excellent engagement with over 79% of customers registering and engaging
  • Increased sales by 27% year-on-year in the initial 6 months post launch
  • 44% of customers changed buying habits

Primaflow F&P

Created to solve the challenge of repeating campaigns, Primaflow F&P Rewards is a loyalty solution for plumbing and heating merchant customers, offering a "win-win" loyalty solution.

Built on Stream’s LoyaltyStream® platform, the programme targets Primaflow F&P's merchant clients with the key aims of helping grow sales across the year, motivating interest in out-of-season products, building longer term loyalty, and delivering value and benefits that position Primaflow F&P as business partners.

The results have been transformational in terms of sales growth and engagement with clients with sales up 27% and 43% of customers changing buying behaviours. The programme has delivered excellent Return on Investment and has become a key sales and engagement tool for the business.