• The Challenge
  • The Solution
  • The Results
  • To build internal brand loyalty and better understand employees motivations, frustrations and their loyalty to their manager and the business
  • To create a strong coaching-led culture throughout the organisation via investment in personal development and sharing of best practice that could leverage individuals’ competencies and skills
  • To understand where employees felt the business could improve its customer products and services
  • A highly scale-able employee engagement platform that motivates staff to develop themselves personally and rewards them for their engagement
  • An application that enables the business to run multiple coaching sessions, and enable peer to peer coaching to encourage best practice sharing
  • A tool that allows the business to identify key skills and learnings that can be transferred across departments and overall improve business performance
  • An increase in sales and productivity due to greatly improved business processes that can now capitalise on the of the collective skills within the business.
  • Increased internal loyalty to the Straumann brand driven by staff engagement with the coaching culture of the business
  • A decrease in recruitment costs as the business can now identify the skillsets of current staff and leverage those skills to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the business


Straumann's Coaching Tool is a customised e-learning and employee loyalty platform created to help build internal staff loyalty and develop individual and team performance through a coaching methodology.

Stream’s platform has helped cement internal loyalty by investing in coaching and personal development by sharing best practice around Straumann’s business.

The results have delivered an increase in sales and productivity and have reduced recruitment costs, as the platform helped highlight key traits and skills necessary for success that may have been overlooked. Having been a resounding success in the UK, Stream have now deployed this for Straumann throughout Europe and North America..