'Loyalty is the art of building strong, emotional relationships that underpin the transactional relationship you hold with your audience.'

Stream Loyalty offers a full-service software-driven solution for managing and driving loyalty. The LoyaltyStream® platform allows you to create a personalised loyalty programme to drive the right behaviour change shifts with the right customers.

If you create better customer experiences that deliver more value, you will encourage more profitable behaviour and our LoyaltyStream platform will enable you to target the behaviours shifts that will have the most impact financially, both now and in the future.

You have the option to take advantage of the branded customer facing front end or to integrate into your existing platforms to ensure a seamless journey. The suite of tools available to you in the administration layer provide amongst other things the ability to see a single customer view and understand your customers emotional and transactional relationship with your brand better using our unique customer loyalty score.

The powerful administration layer allows you to configure the metrics, choose the reward mechanics and invite customers in order to provide a personalised programme to suit your objectives.

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  • Grow
  • Win

Our Keep, Grow and Win modules allow you to test out different loyalty metrics to understand what resonates most with your audience. To encourage loyalty you need to find the ‘win-win’. Your audience need to understand what is expected of them, what behaviour you want them to change or continue doing and what and how they will be rewarded for it.

Each module can be targeted at different customer groups and comes with their own set of metrics that you can tweak to suit your audience.

The ‘Keep’ module allows you to target your ‘best’ customers, the key accounts who are already loyal but need to be retained and could help you win new customers through active referrals, and providing reviews and recommendations. A deeper understanding of their buying behaviours will allow you to develop stronger relationships with these customers.

It might seem that you can’t change the behaviours of your key customers, so why create a loyalty programme for them? The simple fact is that you want to ensure that your key customers are staying with you and referring and recommending you wherever possible.

Your key accounts need to understand the value in the relationship, above and beyond just the delivery of the product or service. The value could be delivered as rewards, service levels or something more personal. This type of activity is all about personalisation.

The pareto principle states that 80% of customers only provide 20% of sales.

It can be easy to overlook those customers and just focus on acquiring new customers and keeping your key accounts happy. The ‘Grow’ module provides a simple, easy to run mechanism to help shift the buying behaviours of these 80% of customers to increase revenue and profit.

The biggest value that a loyalty programme can deliver is the provision of the insights and mechanics to grow your customers, both in terms of numbers and value. By understanding the data at a single customer level - and thereby being able to customise a campaign to specific customer metrics - you will be able to significantly switch your customers to being more loyal.

The ‘Win’ module is all about growing market share; and a loyalty programme takes time to become embedded in your organisation. The team behind Stream Loyalty will work with you to ensure that your teams have the right resources, collateral, knowledge, and confidence to open up conversations with NEW customers about your loyalty programme. We can help you to deliver marketing stories, but where we see the biggest impact is when these are delivered passionately and confidently by your teams.

The ‘Win’ module can be used to run a campaign that is either external facing or internal. At an internal level it would be designed to encourage your teams to attract new customers. Externally it could be focused on getting new customers in, via an attractive initial reward or by a referral campaign.

With loyalty it is not one size fits all.

LoyaltyStream® Configured For You

Loyalty Mechanics

Loyalty Mechanics

The easy-to-use loyalty modules mean that the set up and configuration of the ‘Keep’, ‘Grow’ or ‘Win’ modules can display the relevant metrics and rewards to the customers. Each module can run multiple campaigns which can all feature on their own page so that customers can stay informed.

Data Integration

Data Integration

The sophisticated data integration system means that a number of data formats can be configured from csv to full API support – ensuring that your loyalty solution can maximise the data available.



The customer facing loyalty website will be branded to match your own guidelines and configured to display the relevant messaging to the correct customer group (audience).

Customer Management

Customer Management

The detailed customer management suite within the administration layer provides administrators with the ability to access a single view of the customer including transactional data, engagement and performance against the loyalty module(s).

Customer Access

Customer Access

Customer access to the platform can be dealt with in numerous ways, whether it is inviting customers by email or post, sending a physical loyalty card with a unique customer number or QR code, sending a digital loyalty card, sending a printed invitation or just via trade press or marketing communications.

Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

Each customer will be able to track their progress within their respective campaign(s) on their personal dashboard. The dashboard is made up of tiles for different information (e.g. their account manager, their campaign progress, their spend to date, the number of referrals they have done, what they need to do to achieve the next loyalty tier etc.)

Loyalty Score

Loyalty Score

Based on our experience, we use extensive algorithms to create a loyalty score for each customer based on their campaign engagement, interactions, progress against campaign targets and their profile strength. This enhances the customer view and can be used to further segment customers where you are providing multiple campaigns.

Reporting Suite

Reporting Suite

Your stakeholders and programme managers will all have access to an administration layer where they can view reports, dashboards and access the single customer view. The administration layer will provide visibility of the ROI of each campaign, as well as the ability to dive into specific customer accounts to view data, engagement and their loyalty score.

Communication Analysis

Communication Analysis

All of our products are provided with an instance of Sendgrid which is a marketing automation platform that will be used to deliver all email communications. The platform provides full tracking of all communications so that you can measure engagement and value.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We know that loyalty can feel like
a big, scary decision

Loyalty Unplugged – Test Loyalty in Your Market

Loyalty Unplugged provides you with the opportunity to run a ‘grow’ campaign as a proof of concept.

Just provide us with your brand guidelines and relevant data and we can deliver a pilot campaign via email to your customers. Using the data, we can configure one of our ‘Grow’ campaigns which will enable you to select 1 or more customer groups. Customers could be rewarded for purchasing more products and/or purchasing more frequently.

5 days to tease the campaign

We distribute comms to your chosen customers, launching the 90 day campaign.

90 days for the campaign to achieve results

The campaign goes live and runs for 90 days, with appropriate comms to keep the campaign flowing.

5 days to measure the impact

At the end we crunch the data and measure the results and the subsequent ROI.

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