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We have specific experience in the Automotive sector of motivating trade customer spend and have used our expertise and bespoke LoyaltyStream® software to retain customers, change buying behaviours, build brand loyalty and drive referrals.

Benefits of loyalty in the Automotive sector:
  • Boosted Customer Retention:
    • Loyalty can help you to keep a traditionally fickle audience engaged with your brand.
    • Motivate sustainable behaviour change by transitioning from short term campaigns to longer term targeted and personalised campaigns.
    • Drive consistent revenue growth by mobilising the data that a loyalty programme can provide you.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:
    • Inspire customers to digitally engage with your brand to enable better, faster, and more targeted communication.
    • Proactively exceed customers expectations by understanding their drivers. Use your loyalty to capture data on your audiences' movements and habits to build a profile of where they purchase from, and how often.
    • Surprise and delight customers by allowing your customer facing staff to be able to reward members on adhoc basis.

  • Competitive Advantage:
    • Deliver against sustainability goals by rewarding customers for switching to more sustainable products or services.
    • Create real value to your customers over and above their purchasing needs with a loyalty programme that is tailored to meet their needs. Think enhanced services, training goals, business support.
    • Increase customer acquisition through brand advocacy and referrals by rewarding your already loyal customers to help spread the word. 

Why LoyaltyStream?

Our modular and scalable SaaS platform empowers you to design personalised, individual campaigns and implement enduring loyalty strategies. Optimise your customer experience with a customisable microsite designed to your specifications, or employ our APIs to launch campaigns via your own channels.

Loyalty Campaigns:

21 campaigns designed to reward:

  • Revenue growth
  • Breadth of spend 
  • Referrals
  • Feedback, reviews and testimonials
  • Data provision
  • Product registrations

Customisable Rewards:

  • Curation of unique reward galleries including e-gifts, tech, home and lifestyle products
  • Fulfilment and order tracking

Data Driven Insights:

  • Campaign dashboards
  • Downloadable reports
  • Programme insights and dashboards
  • Customer loyalty score reports and insights


Grow your programme as your business grows in its loyalty capabilities

  • Gamification campaigns and modules available to bolt on
  • Create your own academy e-learning courses and reward members for their expertise

Some typical questions we get asked

  • Points-based programmes for services and parts purchases.
  • Tiered rewards for different levels of spending.
  • Membership programmes offering exclusive benefits.
  • Service bundles or prepaid maintenance packages.

  • Customer retention rates.
  • Repeat purchase frequency.
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Programme enrolment and participation rates.
  • Customer feedback and satisfaction scores.

  • Easy enrolment process.
  • Transparent reward structure.
  • Personalised offers and communication.
  • Multi-channel accessibility (app, website, in-store).
  • Flexible redemption options.

  • Offer unique and high-value rewards.
  • Provide exceptional customer service.
  • Create personalised customer experiences.
  • Leverage technology for convenience and innovation.

  • Leverage social media and email marketing.
  • Ensure your internal stakeholders hold the knowledge and advocacy of the programme
  • Promote the programme at the point of sale.
  • Offer sign-up bonuses or introductory offers.
  • Utilise staff to educate customers about the programme.

  • System integration issues: getting to and importing the right data. We can liaise with your data and IT teams to assist you in the process.
  • Engaging customers: Use targeted marketing and valuable rewards to attract participation.
  • Slow uptake of registrants: Plan a phased rollout and monitor ROI closely. Make sure your key stakeholders and customer facing staff are behind your programme.
  • Keeping the programme fresh: Regularly update the programme based on customer feedback and market trends.

  • Data protection and privacy laws.
  • Consumer protection regulations.
  • Terms and conditions of participation.
  • Tax implications of rewards.


Shaping Tomorrow: Insights and Inspiration from Across the Loyalty Landscape

Our objective is to assist our clients in constructing EXCEPTIONAL loyalty programmes that yield genuine value. To achieve this, we ensure that our team diligently explores trends and data, not only within our current customer sectors, but also across both B2B and B2C sectors in numerous countries.

We supply a comprehensive selection of technical and research-oriented guides to maximise the benefits of your LoyaltyStream® instance. Additionally, we offer a diverse collection of articles, webinars, podcasts, interviews, and videos to provide insights into the evolving trends in loyalty shaping the future.

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Securing market share at the top of the loyalty ladder

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LoyaltyStream Key Features

  • 21 loyalty campaign types to suit every business
  • Options to deploy gamification campaigns such as Spin-To-Win and Prize Draws as well as Badges
  • Ability to track and reward all behaviours from transactions to actions
  • In-depth visual analytics and insights on Campaigns, Members, actions and transactions
  • Customisable CRM and segmentation options to suit your Member profile
  • Scalable modular SaaS platform that can grow with your business


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