Loyalty solutions designed to drive customer retention, acquisition and growth.

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Loyalty Software

Award-winning loyalty software, fully configurable to your business, and guaranteed to deliver results.

Our full-service LoyaltyStream® software provides you with the ability to manage and drive all aspects of Loyalty, allowing you to configure loyalty to your customers and your market needs. Using a powerful administration layer, that features campaign mechanics, customer management, data integration, communication analysis and a dashboard and reporting suite as standard, you can personalise your programme to suit your objectives. Selecting from our ‘Keep, ‘Grow’ or ‘Win’ campaign templates you can easily evolve and adapt the solution to suit the ongoing dynamics of your market.

Our LoyaltyStream software uses sophisticated algorithms, developed over many years, to provide a wealth of customer data and insights that our team will help you to mine to ensure that you are achieving Return on Investment.

Reward Software

Your one-stop-shop for all your reward needs. Our RewardStream® software uses API technology to embed within your loyalty programme, but can be utilised to run a stand-alone incentive with a branded experience, without the need for a full loyalty website.

Offering 100’s of reward products, from technology, experiences, travel and hotels to gift cards, offers and savings, there is something for everyone, providing full budget flexibility.


Getting out of the starting blocks with loyalty can feel like a minefield and it can be too easy to get stuck in a rut with what you’re doing and, even worse, find yourself rewarding customers for what they would normally do anyway.

We start every project with a consultative mindset. Our team of expert loyalty leaders can offer additional consultations at all stages of the loyalty maturity journey. Our client partnerships are built on the foundations of consultive implementation and feedback but our team are not afraid to challenge and provide new ideas to solve problems.

Where we work

We are proud that our software is developed and maintained right here in the UK by our own team of expert software developers, but our reach is worldwide.

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Don’t take our word for it

At Stream Loyalty we practice what we preach and we are very proud to have a loyal customer base who we have been working with for many years and for whom we have delivered some great results.

For one client, an end-user loyalty programme that was implemented to motivate interaction with the brand has created a wealth of data on customers whom they previously had no visibility of, thus providing the business with a unique benefit that exceeded any expectations they had at the start of their loyalty journey. Over 10 years of insights and analysis has now seen the programme expand out to a global audience. It continues to expand, adapting to each market/countries individual requirements.

How our loyalty campaigns can help you


Target your ‘best’ customers; your vital key accounts


We all know the old adage that it is 10x easier to keep an existing customer than it is to win a new customer, so you need to make sure you are looking after your best customers. Loyalty programmes too often focus only on new customers or high potential customers. You need to ensure that your key customers are being looked after and that they are referring and recommending you wherever possible.

A Keep campaign could work by incentivising your key accounts to provide feedback, recommend you to new customers, provide testimonials or participate in an online community.


Use our “Grow” campaigns to help increase spend from your core client base


A well-executed Grow campaign should utilise customer profile and spend data history to create personalised targets designed to increase breadth of spend and frequency of spend. The Grow campaign module allows you to target product groups, customer groups and to set time specific or rolling targets for frequency, recency and breadth of spend.

Make your targets SMART. Customers are more likely to engage in targets and goals that are set every 3 or 6 months. By personalising the targets, customers are 67% more likely to engage in them and change their behaviours.


Use our “Win” campaigns to motivate referrals from your loyal customers


Now that you have your loyal customers, it is time to use the power of those relationships to generate new leads and sales, making sure that you reward both parties for their loyalty. Using a simple referral mechanic, you can ask your existing customers to refer you.

The Win campaign module allows you to determine the number of referrals that can be made during a period, and the rewards levels for either providing the referral, a referral click through, an account opening or the referral placing an order. You could create a campaign for different channels or customer groups to track and analyse engagement and conversions.

What is Loyalty?

Loyalty is about personalising the connection between you and your customers, driving multiple positive interactions that create an emotional connection and a long lasting relationship. First and foremost, Loyalty provides brands with a wealth of insight and data, ways of connecting with customers and the ability to create new conversations.

Loyalty should be at the heart of your business and it must evolve and adapt to suit both your customers and the businesses changing needs. It is about changing behaviours to create a desired result that is sustainable for the future. A loyalty programme must be simple to the audience, both to understand and to engage with even if the algorithms and metrics that exist in the background are complex.

With loyalty, it is not one size fits all. Whether you need to increase revenue, grow breadth/frequency of spend, or create a referrer programme, Stream Loyalty will have experiences that we can draw upon to help you find the right solution.

Book a Loyalty Lunch and Learn session

We believe you should never stop learning and we love testing our consultancy team to keep them on their toes. We offer a free 45 minute loyalty lunch and learn session where companies can ask any questions they may have about loyalty and our team will provide some advice and recommendations. There is no sales pitch and no ulterior motive. If you enjoy the session then you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter which features articles and tips and tricks you can use in your business to assist your loyalty strategy.

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The stats don’t lie

79.4% customers re-engaged

A Keep campaign for a dental manufacturer resulted in 79.4% of customers engaging with the brand on a continuous basis. 

A keep campaign can be used to re-engage lapsing customers or to reward your key accounts by providing them with a campaign designed to reward them specifically. Too often programmes only focus on new customers. Customer retention is a big benefit of loyalty programmes and the returns shouldn't be underestimated.

12% increase in ATV

A plumbing and heating client saw a 12% increase in members average transaction value over the period they were running a LoyaltyStream Grow campaign. 

A Grow campaign is our most common campaign type and is designed to grow a specific behaviour whether that be spend value, spend frequency, reviews, breadth of product purchases or share of wallet to name a few.

£6.2m in Referral Sales

A Win campaign delivered £6.2m Sales attributed to new customer acquisition from 51% of active programme members.

A Win campaign can be used both for existing customers to drive referrals, customer testimonials, or reviews and for new customers to reward them for registering, providing profile data or making their first order.