Customer loyalty at the heart of your business

Customer loyalty at the heart of your business

Award winning solutions proven to Keep, Grow and Win customers for life.

Award winning solutions proven to Keep, Grow and Win customers for life.

What is Loyalty?

Loyalty should be at the heart of your business and it must evolve and adapt to suit both your customers and the businesses changing needs. Loyalty is about providing personal experiences that create a long lasting relationship with your customers. It is about changing behaviours to create a desired result that is sustainable for the future. Loyalty must be simple to the audience, both to understand and to engage with. The algorithms and metrics that exist in the background can be as complex as the data allows.

Loyalty Results Guaranteed

  • Stream are loyalty experts – we are both consultants and implementers.
  • We use our LoyaltyStream® software to deliver proven, lasting results.
  • LoyaltyStream® helps to: retain customers, change buying behaviours, build brand loyalty and drive referrals.
  • LoyaltyStream® is guaranteed to help you Keep, Grow and Win customers for life.
  • But don't just take our word for it...

Keep - Retain & Reward VIPs

  • Target your ‘best’ customers; your vital key accounts
  • Get Key accounts providing reviews, recommendations and referrals
  • Understand buying behaviours to build personalised engagement

Grow - Change Behaviours

  • Help shift buying behaviours of mid-tier customers
  • Use insights and mechanics to grow customer numbers and value
  • Use data to customise campaigns to specific customer metrics

Win - Refer and Attract

  • Reward loyal customers to recommend and refer new customers
  • Techniques to gain new clients and grow market share
  • Give your team the resources, collateral and knowledge to win new customers

Want a Free Consultation?

Book one of our free loyalty clinics. Starting when the country went into lockdown in 2020, we wanted to find a way to help companies to understand more about loyalty could ensure their business not only survived but also was in the best position to grow. This year we have all needed as much help as we can get and we have spoken to numerous business spanning multiple industries. We have loved learning about all the different business challenges and helping with advice on how to retain customers and grow sales.

  • Does your loyalty programme feel flat?
  • Are you getting the best ROI from your loyalty strategy?
  • Don't know where to start with loyalty?

Our experts love a challenge, so why not book into our free Loyalty Clinic 30 minute session to see if we can give you some insights on your loyalty challenge.

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