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Dentsply Sirona Rewards

Unique amongst its competitors, Dentsply Sirona Rewards was designed to address and solve the loyalty challenge in B2B product sales. Built on Stream’s LoyaltyStream® platform, with a RewardStream® module integrated within, the solution allowed high street dentists to purchase products direct from Dentsply Sirona, earn points and redeem their points on future purchases.

Delivered with a unique and flexible promotions module the platform has enabled Dentsply Sirona to engage with and segment its audience offering targeted personalised promotions and reward campaigns based on profiles and buying behaviours.

When measured against initial objectives, the implementation of Dentsply Sirona Rewards was a resounding success. In its first year the scheme delivered an increase in turnover of 23% compared to the previous year and changed the buying habits of an industry. Since its launch in the UK and Ireland Dentsply Sirona Rewards has now been launched in the USA and Canada with a view to roll out in Australia and New Zealand in the coming year.

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Case Study

The Bathroom Showroom

Working in close consultation with The Bathroom Showroom, Stream developed a loyalty reward programme that would not only be highly effective in engaging with a sceptical audience but that would also evolve and develop in line with The Bathroom Showroom’s long-term strategy.

Showroom Rewards was built on Stream’s LoyaltyStream® platform and provides installers with the ability to earn points on all their brochure products. With a tiered loyalty metric and the added bonus of prize draws and consumer benefits, Showroom Rewards has been instrumental in delivering a 20% increase in sales of qualifying products and an average 300% increase in referral sales.

Not only does the platform work for their customers, it quickly became the go to place for the most up-to-date single customer data view. The data and analytics has been upgraded year-on-year and is an essential part of training, messaging and the only place that managers go to view their showroom’s progress status.

Keep and Grow Case Study

Primaflow F&P Rewards

Created to solve the challenge of repeating campaigns, Primaflow F&P Rewards is a loyalty solution for plumbing and heating merchant customers, offering a "win-win" loyalty solution.

Built on Stream’s LoyaltyStream® platform, the programme targets Primaflow F&P's merchant clients with the key aims of helping grow sales across the year, motivating interest in out-of-season products, building longer term loyalty, and delivering value and benefits that position Primaflow F&P as business partners.

The results have been transformational in terms of sales growth and engagement with clients with sales up 27% and 43% of customers changing buying behaviours. The programme has delivered excellent Return on Investment and has become a key sales and engagement tool for the business.

Keep and Grow Case Study

Dukes Education

Evolving from an initial Loyalty Lunch and Learn session where we brainstormed ideas for how a loyalty programme could work for Dukes Education Group. As the largest group of private schools, nurseries and colleges in the UK a traditional loyalty programme wouldn't work. They needed to make it all about the experience and the network. The programme will be designed to engage the whole community from the students, to parents and carers to employees and even alumni. We are currently in the implementation phase and this is proving to be a very exciting project to work on. Watch this space for news of its launch later in the year. 

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Pirtek Platinum Club

The Pirtek Platinum Club is a performance improvement programme that recognises the top achieving Pirtek franchise partners across Europe. This is an annual incentive programme to promote excellence across a number of different business metrics, all designed to motivate franchise business owners to maximise growth, increase sales and drive efficiencies within their specific franchise territories. Achievement of Platinum Club status gives these franchise partners recognition amongst their peer group and a well-earned place on the annual incentive travel event in an exotic location.

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