Drew Tate, CLMP

Loyalty Account Executive

Drew Tate

I am an Account Executive at Stream Loyalty and I work with the Account Managers to make sure client projects are implemented effectively and, from there, make sure they run smoothly. I love the good balance that we have between work and fun at Stream, as even though we are working on new and interesting projects, it is rare that we don’t go an hour with out laughing. With my background in Astrophysics, I very much enjoy analysing the data pulled through by each of our campaigns and pulling greater insight from them to be able to report back to the client.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, drop me an email or just give me a call on 01844 208180.

An Insight Into Drew's World

Favourite Team Event
I have recently been to London with Stream to participate in Lifesize Monopoly as a gift from one of our suppliers. We had some food and drinks bought for us in the lovely Top Hat bar and then on to the main even where we each had a part to play in completing each challenge.

We ended up winning our group and although only a few members of Stream could make it, it ended up being a very enjoyable night.

Dream Loyalty Client

I would love to be involved in working with the first Search engine loyalty programme and I think that would be ground-breaking in the loyalty landscape. Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge and Apple’s Safari have been competing for years.

If Google rewarded its customers for each search they did or for downloading Chrome in the first place they would give themselves a huge edge on Edge!

Dream Superpower

I would love to be able to teleport me and the people around me. Being able to see my brother in Manchester and my family in America at the blink of an eye would be a dream. I could take my Friends and Family on holiday wherever we wanted at the drop of a hat.

On the other hand, it means I would never have an excuse to me late for work! With great power comes great responsibility

My Role At Stream

Loyalty account management is the business of businesses in that we have to learn and know about every industry we work in. With this knowledge we can make loyalty programmes for our client’s customers to encourage them to spend/spend more in a way that makes them happy.

As an Account Executive I am involved in setting up these loyalty programmes and once they are set up, I report on how the programme in preforming and potentially suggest improvements.

Recommended Read

I would recommend reading the Wool trilogy. If you like mystery, conspiracy, suspense, a strong female lead and masterfully built post-apocalyptic worlds then this book is for you. The story of Wool takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Humanity clings to survival in the Silo, a subterranean city extending 144 stories beneath the surface. All residents of the Silo have been taught that the outside world is toxic and deadly.

This trilogy has a satisfying reasoning behind a satisfying mystery.

CLMP Takeaway

The future of loyalty seems to me to involve gamification. People play games daily, whether it’s on their phone, PC or console and are constantly engaged by it, sometimes even paying for it. By introducing that to loyalty, what we can do is focus that engagement onto a brand or task while making it fun for the customer.

Using these concepts to better engage customers with the less exciting elements of loyalty generates a much better customer experience.

We asked Drew a few questions

The constant laughs that are provided in the office.

Sweeping hair at a hairdressers

“Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift...
that's why they call it present”
― Master Oogway

I develop games in my spare time and would like to try my hand at some computer-generated art.

Smiley, energetic and passionate

I can open a bottle with anything, even a piece of paper.

Loyalty Insights

How gamification helped The Bathroom Showroom boost sales by 21%

Increased engagement resulted in 39% extra page views and had a knock-on effect throughout the business. Members who had re-engaged were responsible for a 21% uplift in qualifying sales revenue.

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Customer retention is it also the solution for customer acquisition
Customer retention. Is it also the solution for customer acquisition

One solution to customer acquisition lies close to home – among your existing customers. Its simple: one of the best ways to acquire customers is to ask your loyal existing customers to refer them.

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Using behavioural economics to drive loyalty with both customers and employees

Behavioural economics is the fascinating study of human behaviour to explain how/why consumers are motivated to buy products and/or engage with a company.

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