Our Chosen Charity

Tree Aid - Why we Chose them

At Stream loyalty we love helping businesses to 'GROW' by using loyalty to aid customer retention, customer acquisition and customer growth. Including charity donations as part of your loyalty offering is a great way to use your loyalty programme for good. Today’s customers expect to be able to donate their points to a worthwhile cause. At Stream, a points-based programme isn't the right loyalty strategy for our business but we still want to be able to give back and allow our clients the opportunity to help us give back. One of the reasons we chose Tree Aid was because they help to 'GROW' enterprises by empowering communities through education and tools. By teaching people how to run their own business and providing them with the tools they need, whole communities are able to work their way out of poverty, creating sustainable futures for themselves and the environment.

As a company we are going to donate a tree, fuel saving stove or education package every time we onboard a new client, launch a new project or receive a completed customer satisfaction survey.

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The Challenge

As a team we are taking on the challenge of covering the 4343 miles from Chilton to Ghana. In order to make this feel more achievable we have split this down into thirteen milestone checkpoints that will indicate how far along we are in our challenge. Every time we hit a milestone as a team the company will add a donation to Tree Aid. Every mile counts so make sure Strava is tracking those miles.

The Charity

Tree Aid’s vision is thriving, sustainable communities across the drylands of Africa. They believe that tackling poverty and protecting the environment are inseparable. That’s why they work together with local people to grow trees and restore land, to fight poverty and the effects of the climate crisis.