The Programme:

Showroom Rewards is a loyalty programme designed, launched and managed by Stream Loyalty for the Bathroom Showroom. The programme is designed to reward bathroom installers for referring their end customers to the store directly and for all orders of 'qualifying products'. Featuring two tiers – My Rewards and Partner Rewards – members can save time and money in their business both through the referral and their orders. Referral orders provide members with a 4 times multiplier on sales order value and, if a member reaches the Partner Rewards tier, they also receive rewards on all their own account orders.

For the member’s customers, The Bathroom Showroom offer virtual design plans, ordering and measuring assistance and faster order and delivery times. These added value benefits ensure that the installer can get on with installing bathrooms and making the most use of their time.

The Objective:

The Showroom Rewards programme celebrated its 5th Birthday in September 2021 and the Bathroom Showroom wanted to create a campaign that used gamification in its delivery and rewarded members for increased engagement with the platform. Using the LoyaltyStream platform they were able to easily deploy one of the platform’s gamification features and for this they chose the ‘Spin to Win’ game.

The Campaign

The Bathroom Showroom launched the ‘Spin to Win’ campaign with a desire to provide a more fun online interaction for their members as well as the primary objective of increasing logins and engagement. The game was branded to suit their guidelines and the reward metrics were configured.

Alongside increasing engagement, the campaign journey was designed to help installers better understand the programme and how they could benefit from it. Once the installer had played the game they were provided with different routes through the programme, dependant on the outcome, to encourage them to re-engage.

Members were sent communications via SMS and email encouraging them to participate in the campaign. Each week the members were invited to spin the wheel to reveal a possible prize. With 4 segments on the wheel providing rewards engagement was instantly high (the reward options were: an instant Greggs breakfast voucher, £50 account credit, 1,000 points or the top prize of a £1,000 Love2Shop giftcard). Although the team had expected high engagement to start with, they were delighted that it continued throughout the 2 month campaign.

The Results

At the end of the first month the platform saw a 23% increase in unique customer logins, when compared to the previous month, and also recorded the highest logins of the whole year so far. In the second month unique member logins increased again by a further 19%.

The increase in logins resulted in 39% extra page views across the site and had a knock-on effect throughout the business in both sales and activity. Members who had re-engaged in the platform were responsible for a 21% uplift in qualifying sales revenue. In addition, there was a 25% increase in the number of reward redemptions compared to the previous month thus re-affirming the relationship between The Bathroom Showroom and the installer by rewarding them for purchasing.

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