LoyaltyStream Lite

Worried about how to get loyalty right?

LoyaltyStream Lite – Let Us Prove the Concept

We know it can feel like too big a decision trying to decide how, when and where to start with loyalty, so that’s why we came up with LoyaltyStream Lite. A proof of concept to test loyalty in your market and to familiarise you with Stream Loyalty

Just provide us with your brand guidelines and relevant data and we can deliver a pilot campaign via email to your customers. Using the data, we can configure one of our ‘Grow’ campaigns which will enable you to select 1 or more customer groups. Customers could be rewarded for purchasing more products and/or purchasing more frequently.

5 days to tease the campaign

We distribute comms to your chosen customers, launching the 90 day campaign.

90 days for the campaign to achieve results

The campaign goes live and runs for 90 days, with appropriate comms to keep the campaign flowing.

5 days to measure the impact

At the end we crunch the data and measure the results and the subsequent ROI.