Loyalty in the Automotive Sector

Would you like more data on the businesses who buy from you…and be able to mobilise that data to drive consistent revenue growth?

We have specific experience in the Automotive sector of motivating trade customer spend and have used our expertise and bespoke LoyaltyStream® software to retain customers, change buying behaviours, build brand loyalty and drive referrals.

A few of the benefits of loyalty in the Automotive sector:

  • Loyalty can help you to keep a traditionally fickle audience engaged with your brand
  • A loyalty programme can help you to capture data on your audiences' movements and habits to build a profile of where they purchase from, and how often, in order to understand their drivers
  • It can help you to transition from short term campaigns to longer term behaviour change
  • You can reward customers for switching to more sustainable products or services, thus helping you to deliver against any sustainability goals
  • You can also use a Loyalty platform to inspire customers to digitally engage with your brand to enable better, faster, and more targeted communication

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Loyalty Articles

How to build customer loyalty in B2B

The B2B customer relationship with  is much more complex than in the B2C market but it has the ability to be much stronger and more powerful.

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Securing Market Share at the top of the Loyalty Ladder
Building B2B loyalty whilst selling through the channel

In today’s fast moving global marketplace customer retention and loyalty is key; particularly in the B2B market.

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How many people does it take to run a loyalty programme 

With most of us time poor and under resourced, you need to be sure you have enough people to deliver a loyalty programme effectively.

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How businesses are using loyalty to drive brand stretch

Loyalty promotions are one simple way to drive brand stretch, but to activate an effective campaign that also empowers your sales team requires a visualisation of the gaps in product purchasing.

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Securing Market Share at the top of the Loyalty Ladder
Securing market share at the top of the loyalty ladder

The loyalty ladder allows you to define the different stages of your customer relationship. The loyalty ladder focuses on how you progress your customers relationship with the business.

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Customers are looking for more from rewards 

With so much choice available, finding the rewards that are really going to grab your audiences attention can be hard. Read our tips on how to switch up your reward programme.

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How gamification helped The Bathroom Showroom boost sales by 21%

Increased engagement resulted in 39% extra page views and had a knock-on effect throughout the business. Members who had re-engaged were responsible for a 21% uplift in qualifying sales revenue.

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Customer retention. Is it also the solution for customer acquisition

One solution to customer acquisition lies close to home – among your existing customers. Its simple: one of the best ways to acquire customers is to ask your loyal existing customers to refer them.

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Using behavioural economics to drive loyalty with both customers and employees

Behavioural economics is the fascinating study of human behaviour to explain how/why consumers are motivated to buy products and/or engage with a company.

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Loyalty and Behavioural Economics

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