No way! A live, actual in person Exhibition…are you kidding? 

No way! A live, actual in person Exhibition…are you kidding? 

Nope and the momentum is really building at Stream HQ as we approach our first in person event for decades – OK I’m exaggerating but it feels like it’s been decades – the snazzy new stand is on it’s way (thank you Lewis), we’ve got new features to demonstrate, the foam hands are here (yep, you read correctly foam hands!) and of course the copious amounts of hand sanitiser, face shields, face masks, anti-bac wipes and anti-bac spray are piled up in preparation – Covid will not keep us away!

In his talk on the 17th November, Mark is going to be demonstrating how to use psychology and behavioural economics to supercharge engagement with customers. Come along and join myself, Melanie and Mark at the B2B Marketing Expo which is free to attend and also gives you access to the Marketing Technology Expo and the Sales Innovation Expo – 3 shows in 1! We’ll be on stand 62 on the 16th and 17th November and Mark will be speaking at 12:45 on Wednesday 17th November.

Checking out the line up, there are some great other talks to attend; Gordon Gleninster’s 21 tips to build membership and online communities, BBC’s The Apprentice Winner Mark Wright on leveraging the best out of digital marketing and Hannah Fry’s session on whether more data is the recipe for marketing success or not.


News from the Loyalty Community

News broke at the beginning of the month that Starbuck’s President and CEO Kevin Johnson is looking to shake up loyalty and transform the way that the global institution does loyalty. In our Back-to-Basics eBook we discuss one of the 9 models of loyalty – partnership loyalty. Interestingly, Mando-Connect and YouGov research found that on average, across key loyalty sectors in the UK, 58% of Britons want rewards from brand partners with 19% finding partner rewards more appealing than a brand’s own. Find out more in my latest blog post: Starbucks – tokenizing loyalty.

Behavioural Economics

I mentioned back in September about our social series which feature ideas on how to use the principals that sit behind behavioural economics. A few weeks ago, we saw our latest article for the Wise Marketer hit the press and the response has been phenomenal. Engagement has spanned the world, from Australia, to Dubai round to the USA and South America - one reader commenting “A great reminder of the basics. Well-written, pertinent, great learning. The paper you are asked to download is worth the read too.”


Loyalty Fraud

As part of our recent Wednesday Wisdom session Alice took the team through loyalty fraud and how recent technological developments are impacting the loyalty landscape. Increasing online activity coupled with a growing number of loyalty programmes of greater complexity and sophisticated methods of attack provide an attractive and lucrative opportunity for fraudsters. You can find out more about what the team discussed in Alice’s latest Wednesday Wisdom Write-Up.

Nearing the End of 2021

We are seeing the usual spike in reward redemptions across our programmes as members start to reap the benefits of their rewards. Could you capitalise further on the increased engagement that always happens at this time of year?

With Black Friday coming up in a few weeks there is still time to introduce a promotion that could encourage sales or engagement. Talk to us if you would like any extra help implementing something on your programme.

About the Author

Laura Lloyd

Laura Lloyd

Laura’s goal is to develop partnerships with clients, seeking to understand their challenges in order to provide creative, value add solutions. Laura always seeks to provide a ‘no challenge is too big, no problem is too small’ attitude and aims to always exceed expectations.


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