Happy ‘Lockdown-aversary!

1.0 - March 23, 2020

2.0 – November 05, 2020

3.0 – January 05, 2021

Congratulations – you have served 12 months of lockdowns - Happy ‘Lockdown-aversary!’

Since the start of Lockdown 1.0 the team have sent 51,224 Slack messages, shared 1537 files, welcomed a new team member, a new puppy joined the crew, 2 house purchases happened, welcomed a baby, won 3 awards, launched 2 new products, achieved another 2 ISO accreditations, had the first British female to be awarded the CMLP and started supporting Tree Aid – what a year!

Melanie’s latest article, Loyalty Fraud, looks at how loyalty fraud can impact you as a business and what measures you can put in place to combat it. External fraud (e.g., hackers) is commonplace across all digital platforms and there are extensive measures that you are able to put in place to ensure that you are using best practice security protocols and restricting access only to those people who need it. As part of our security protocols and processes we ensure that this is assessed and the appropriate measures put in place.

For those internal fraudsters - the customers or even staff members that decide to play the system, find the loophole or bend the rules - it’s all about ensuring that there is enough monitoring  happening throughout your programme so that any unexpected activity is picked up and the relevant people alerted. If you are concerned about whether this might be happening in your business speak to your account manager to see what reports you should be analysing.

There has also been an update to our “Loyalty: Back to Basics” e-book – a great tool to share with those who are the at start of their loyalty journey or a great refresh that can help spark an idea or two.

Our support of Tree Aid extends beyond our challenge of covering the 4,343 miles by foot or bike from Chilton to Ghana (currently the team have achieved 1,291 miles). Every time we onboard a new client, launch a new project or receive a completed customers satisfaction survey, we will donate a tree, fuel saving stove or education package. . In addition, for each introduction we receive through a referral, we will make an additional donation in your name.

I’d love to hear from you about any loyalty challenges you may be facing at the moment.

Enjoy your Easter weekend, may the sun shine brightly for us all.

About the Author

Laura Lloyd

Laura Lloyd

Laura’s goal is to develop partnerships with clients, seeking to understand their challenges in order to provide creative, value add solutions. Laura always seeks to provide a 'no challenge is too big, no problem is too small' attitude and aims to always exceed expectations.


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