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Are you looking for further sources of Loyalty knowledge excellence? Do you receive the Wise Marketer emails? As a global voice for customer loyalty, they share some fascinating insights and content, following the latest trends and research on all things customer-centric.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with The Wise Marketer as we contribute our perspective on the hottest loyalty topics. In our first instalment, Melanie writes about how scoring mechanics such as the customer loyalty score (CLS) and customer loyalty index (CLI)  can help to generate better customer engagement. Every month we also post at least 2 new articles on our blog ranging from tips and tricks with loyalty to whitepapers on gamification, behaviour economics and engagement strategies.

Powering Business Intelligence

With some experience of Power BI in the team, we’ve been talking for a while about how we could best utilise it for our clients.

At the end of July, the account team spent two days immersed in all things Power BI – oh the wonders that you can do! The buzz and conversation amongst the team as to how to implement it across the business was extremely exciting and we hope to keep the momentum up throughout August in order to start producing some exciting reports. 

If you have a Power BI licence in your business let us know, as it will mean that we can share interactive dashboards and reports with you.


What's New

Enhanced loyalty is no new thing; we have been paying for upgraded loyalty benefits with the likes of Amazon and Natwest for years and  the concept is growing in popularity.

A study by Clarus Commerce revealed that, even during the pandemic, 73% of members shopped more often with brands where they belonged to the premium loyalty tier. A whopping 81% of respondents to the Premium Loyalty Data Study said that they would upgrade to a premium tier if it was available on a programme of which they were already a member.

Is now the time for you to take the leap into premium loyalty? Many of our clients already offer a VIP tier in their programme. Have you considered what other benefits and features you could include as part of a paid for membership?


A Sparkly New Website

When you build websites for a living, more often than not your own one gets neglected and left in the corner, slightly unloved.

Lewis worked his magic, and with some help from the website fairies -  bish bash bosh - the team’s vision has become a reality.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d encourage you to take a look – I’d love to hear what you think. Does it encapsulate what we do for you?

Top of the Rewards

Top of the leaderboard…. e-gift vouchers - unsurprising right? But I am utterly thrilled to say that the second most redeemed product in the is…(drum-roll please)…Charity donations 🎉

Our clients’ members have recently donated over £50k to incredible causes – a massive well done to all who are giving a little something back through their programmes.




About the Author

Laura Lloyd

Laura Lloyd

Laura’s goal is to develop partnerships with clients, seeking to understand their challenges in order to provide creative, value add solutions. Laura always seeks to provide a 'no challenge is too big, no problem is too small' attitude and aims to always exceed expectations.


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LoyaltyStream Key Features

  • 21 loyalty campaign types to suit every business
  • Options to deploy gamification campaigns such as Spin-To-Win and Prize Draws as well as Badges
  • Ability to track and reward all behaviours from transactions to actions
  • In-depth visual analytics and insights on Campaigns, Members, actions and transactions
  • Customisable CRM and segmentation options to suit your Member profile
  • Scalable modular SaaS platform that can grow with your business


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