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As a team we love learning and it is key to our culture in the business. Every Wednesday a different member of the team holds an inspiration session, dubbed Wednesday Wisdom, where we all come together to learn something new. These sessions are the perfect way to keep the team updated on all projects, new technologies, brainstorming new features and rewards or just sharing something we found interesting.

Every month we send out a newsletter to all our existing clients, suppliers and contacts with a round up of the month and ideas for the future. If you would like to receive these newsletters just email and she will send you an opt in link.

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Nairne began her career with Stream in March 2020 gaining unparalleled experience in the loyalty space. She is on a mission to use her wealth of knowledge to educate others.
Nairne Barker

April 12, 2021

The Human Connection

How a global pandemic has made us all want more human connection.
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Nairne Barker | 12 Apr, 2021 | All, Loyalty, Loyalty Agency |
Nairne Barker

April 05, 2021

Nairne Barker | 05 Apr, 2021 | Monday Motivation |
Nairne Barker

December 06, 2020

Nairne Barker | 06 Dec, 2020 | Monday Motivation |