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As a team we love learning and it is key to our culture in the business. Every Wednesday a different member of the team holds an inspiration session, dubbed Wednesday Wisdom, where we all come together to learn something new. These sessions are the perfect way to keep the team updated on all projects, new technologies, brainstorming new features and rewards or just sharing something we found interesting.

Every month we send out a newsletter to all our existing clients, suppliers and contacts with a round up of the month and ideas for the future. If you would like to receive these newsletters just email and she will send you an opt in link.

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Charlie McMann

September 16, 2021

From Customer Experience comes Loyalty

Charlie has written a short piece about his introduction to the loyalty world at Stream Loyalty and how his experience in Customer Experience has shaped him!
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Charlie McMann | 16 Sep, 2021 | loyalty, agency life |
Laura Lloyd

September 01, 2021

Your September Monthly Streamspiration

As we enter Autumn and the nights begin to draw in we are looking forward to having a full team back together now everyone is back from there summer holidays and feeling refreshed.Our second article has been published with The Wise Marketer as we continue to voice our perspective on the latest loyalty news. In this article I write about using loyalty to profile your customers and the truths about loyalty.Click To Read AwardsWe are really excited to have won another award – this time for ou...
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Laura Lloyd | 01 Sep, 2021 | #agency life |
Laura Lloyd

August 01, 2021

A Global Voice for Customer Loyalty

We are very excited to announce our partnership with The Wise Marketer as we contribute our perspective on the hottest loyalty topics. In our first instalment, Melanie writes about how scoring mechanics such as the customer loyalty score (CLS) and customer loyalty index (CLI)  can help to generate better customer engagement. Every month we also post at least 2 new articles on our blog ranging from tips and tricks with loyalty to whitepapers on gamification, behaviour economics and engagement str...
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Laura Lloyd | 01 Aug, 2021 | Agency Life, Loyalty |
Laura Lloyd

July 01, 2021

Team Meet Ups

The joy of the sunshine throughout June reflected the spirits of the team, and what better opportunity to soak up some much needed vitamin D than with some alfresco meetings. We also finally, after 15 very long months, managed to get most of the team together for an activity at The Escape Rooms and dinner. What a treat it was! I am pleased to confirm that we did all escape from our designated rooms, some a little faster than others. For most of us it was the first time we were able to meet Sunny...
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Laura Lloyd | 01 Jul, 2021 | Agency Life |
Laura Lloyd

June 01, 2021

Expanding the team, clients and knowledge

It’s been an incredibly exciting few months here at Stream Loyalty – we are pleased to welcome Charlie McMann to the team as one of our Loyalty Marketing Account Managers. Charlie comes with a wealth of experience and is eager to get his teeth stuck into various projects; from an automotive and agency background, Charlie has some great insights into the trends and dynamics of buying behaviours and has some fab ideas that will no doubt cascade through the team and come your direction soon!
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Laura Lloyd | 01 Jun, 2021 | Agency Life |
Laura Lloyd

April 01, 2021

Happy ‘Lockdown-aversary!

Congratulations – you have served 12 months of lockdowns - Happy ‘Lockdown-aversary!’ Since the start of Lockdown 1.0 the team have sent 51,224 Slack messages, shared 1537 files, welcomed a new team member, a new puppy joined the crew, 2 house purchases happened, welcomed a baby, won 3 awards, launched 2 new products, achieved another 2 ISO accreditations, had the first British female to be awarded the CMLP and started supporting Tree Aid – what a year!
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Laura Lloyd | 01 Apr, 2021 | Agency Life, Loyalty |
Laura Lloyd

March 01, 2021

First order of return a thank you.

Hello! I’m back – it’s like I haven’t left, the team are working from home, we’re in lockdown, the sun has been shining…in reality quite a lot has changed and the light at the end of the tunnel is finally growing. Dare I say the end may well be in sight?
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Laura Lloyd | 01 Mar, 2021 | Agency Life, Loyalty |
Melanie Parker

February 01, 2021

A Busy Start to The Year

It was a busy start to the year at Stream HQ (and satellite WFH locations!) last month, for which we were thankful. With the grey skies and consistent mud and rain, January seemed to be as long as a normal year but we’ve got through and emerged with some exciting news to share with you this month.
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Melanie Parker | 01 Feb, 2021 | Loyalty, Agency Life |
Laura Lloyd

August 24, 2020

In a turbulent world, customer loyalty has never been more important.

In these challenging times, keeping your loyal customers will be business critical.
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Laura Lloyd

July 14, 2020

A changing landscape

Everyone's experience of the current lock-down and furloughing is different. For some its a blessing, others a nightmare. A huge concern that plays on repeat...the appearance of a 'them and us' culture and how to handle it? How do you keep your general team spirit and culture going? How do you ensure fairness and motivation? Are you saying 'Thank You' - to both sides?
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Laura Lloyd | 14 Jul, 2020 | All, Loyalty, Rewards, Agency Life |
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